Topic: notes meeting Cologne

Here are the notes from our excessive meeting in cologne:
1) we want to direct our production efforts more towards institutions of academia
- one option would be to offer a seminar to students at a university/school
suggested places:
- Rietveld Academy (DWK)
- Städel (JP)
- Hildesheim (JP)
- AHK / Studium generale (DWK)
- Theaterstudies Utrecht (DWK)
2) there would be two options to continue with the LPs: width or depth.
The width approach: we can make more LPs to develop a wide variety of case studies that will help us develop the principles more clearly trhough comnparison of these case studies. For this approahc it would be more important to develop new LPs on various examples than to go back to the existing LPs for improvement or critzism.
The depth approach: we go back to the existing LPs - in particular to Erschauern/Begreifen - to critically review our tools and formats and develop them further hereby. This way we would not necessarily present the old LPs but we would rework them in theory mostly, possible also in practice.  New LPs  we would then  only take on if the occasion arises.
We have agreed to focus on the depth approach. On second thought however,  i have to admit, that i am not that convinced. For one thing: before developing new LPs the question of division of labor would have to be answered and we are not there yet. This remaisn to be discussed - to my thinking anyway.
3) we agreed that we need to continue the debate we started with the posts
wie weiter?and state of the artand the several follow-ups. we inteded to create a new blog for these discussions, but I am sceptical this would make sense. For the moment, I think we have to stick to the blog we have and just really keep on working on these questions!
4) the original idea of CATALOG, to create a catalog of several situations of encounters with art works,  needs to be revived.  From now on, each one of us will put 2 encounters permonth in the blog. the idea is to describe from memory - old or fresh - aesthetic situations and thereby develp and sharpen the languagr for this.
5) so the next steps for january and february are
A) New performance of Black Cube for Frascati (February 6)

B) Concept and Program for Quarterly (January 26)
C) developing of a new concept paper for CATALOG
D) university connections / seminar offer
E) writing catalog entries