Topic: Inside the Black Cube Amsterdam: New Ideas

in cologne we developed some new ideas for BLACK CUBE in Frascati.
- we will try to work with a real museum guide to introduce the audience to the Cube in the middle part of the performance
- instead of the night-text we used in Mannheim, we will look for a new text in dialog form. either we have to fake something - like we did for the column - or we do find something by tony smith or michael fried. This text in any case should either be very close to the story of the cube or so remote, that the audience will not read it as an interpretation of the situation or the artwork.
- the lecture at the end of the LP can deal with questions of ethics, possibly the concept of "golden rule", focusing on the aspect of subjectivity in  BLACK CUBE and the resulting ethic problems.
This means, we currently are looking at the following structure:
- audience enters in the black space, darkness
- very slow fade in to arrive at the presence of the cube in the space
- museum situation, which is after a while, taken up by the museum guide to introduce the artpiece. the guide talks about tony smith' black cube.
- new text and new atmosphere, since we threw the light inside the cube out. this needs to be solved! What is the situation, what do we see, hear, feel?
- audience leaves the space to enter an adjoining space where they watch the video LECTURE. The visuals here are also still unclear and need to be solved.