Topic: notes for publication (eventually…)

For the publication of the whole story we can maybe already differentiate several topics or rather fields of research we need to take care of. Here is a suggestion:

Time and spaces for situations – how are situations created and conditioned

– how is a situation created in respect to physical conditions of presentation and encounter. Functional spaces. Exhibition spaces. Nature. time, the behavior patterns, what does the body do, what is it allowed to do or be, duration and narrative…

-the exhibition space: dramatization of art works through architecture. the display or the entcounter. theater architecture...

Audience – different orders and appearances of audience

-what is an audience? What is the second order of audience. What is retrospection, documentation? Who are we in the situation, who are we reflecting and looking back,possibly reviving the situation? Responsebility. The group and the individual.

Art Objects

what categories of art works are there? What is the space of art? What is representation versus abstraction? Framing and cutting reality. The pictoresque. The aesthetic object. Strategies of immersion.

Positioning situations historically and individually

what in a situation is historic, what not? how do these things influence the situation?

The document

how are situations communicated? How do we deal with them? What is the personal/subkective element? What is its value? What is objectivity? The position of the resercher.