I started to read about the Sublime again.
Things came together: the work on "Among the Multitude" and our interogations about the delimitations of our research. I listened to a readio program on philosophy the other day. It was about the actuality of the ideas of Jean-François Lyotard. At some point someone said this simple sentence: "The sublime is the impossibility of representation." It has never been exposed so clearly to me.
Maybe that's it. Maybe that's exactly this transgression/porosity/permeability we are talking about.
And then Nancy states in his preface of Du Sublime , a collection of articles on the subject, " the sublime is something that goes beyond art within art itself. Something that puts into communication or contact all the occurences of presentation (for example history, community, sense, politics, thinking itself, and even representation, which is also one of its occurences)." (my translation).
I leaves art within art itself. Maybe that's exactly what we are talking about all the time.
More soon.


The quote from Lyotards introduction is indeed very interesting. Much more so than the "unrepresentable" you mentioned before. Indeed: "something that goes beyond art within art itself" is a fine  explanation for what we are looking for. also the idea of communication or connex of all the elements is thrilling. I want to read this intgroduction!