Topic: Inside the Black Cube Amsterdam: The Lecture

I am collecting some very random ideas, what the visual level here could be:
- a selection of black cubes from past and present, historic, artistic and trivial. This would allow us to include all the deserted paths and directions (like G. Schneider, the kaaba) of the research. but on the other hand this could also just look too smart and a bit like trying to proof that we did indeed research.
- a video of us (re-)building the cube in the frascati space. In any case, i like the idea of mirroring the first space in the second space.  but showing us building the cube and listening to the "golden rule" makes us look like the good samaritans, working to save the world!
- a video of the black cueb as it sits in the empty space. something like a 360' pan. A totally uninteresting and undramatic film of the thing as such.
- using the photo-idea of erschauern begreifen again. if there is a way to make a picture series of people looking at the cube - without showing what they are looking at.
- random holiday shots, poepleposing next to the pyramids, the David in Florence and so on... again: this wouldlead us back to Brian O'Doherty who also talks about the holiday photo and reprints a particularly ugly one in his essay.